Working Nomad
Above all else, keep your eye on the laptop

As obvious as it might seem, physical security is the most neglected cornerstone in IT security. As a Network Security Consultant, I am constantly reminding my clients that the Antivirus Software and the fancy, expensive new Firewall that was installed last month means exacly goose eggs if someone walks in and jacks your server(s).


This same concept applies to your most important tool as an extreme telecommuter, your laptop. This is something that I wish on nobody, but that is a very real possibility.

Just take a second to think about the impact. Scary, huh? With this in mind, consider a lock that will anchor your most valuable tool to a large object. Be vigilant in using this and constantly have a good idea of what’s going on around you.

One of the reasons that this disaster is so common is that it could happen anytime, anywhere, for any reason. Whether the attack is directed towards stealing something specific that you possess, or just a petty crime by an unskilled novice, the results are the same.

Unless you can somehow train your loyal laptop to defend itself like this,

You should buy and use a laptop lock.