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Monday, 19 October 2009 06:52

It's 3:00am in Paradise, Anywhere. You are getting your beauty sleep before a long day of doing whatever the heck you want- when the phone rings.

phone in bed

You: (groggy)"Hello?"

Intruder: "Oh- Hi! This is <
your co-worker>. I am not sure what time it is over there.... but I really need your help because my computer won't turn on.... Oh nevermind- just figured it out. There's a big power button right on the front. Who knew? Thanks anyways!"

Dont mention it. It is not like I was sleeping or anything- and besides- the whole reason I moved half way across the world was to take phone calls that could have been resolved in 10 more seconds of dedicated thought or atleast condensed into a lame email. I would like to propose one solution that has made a huge effect in my telecommuting...


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Extreme Telecommuting Power
US to EU Power adapter

As a recent convert to telecommuting, I wanted to share a small bit of wisdom that I gleaned from some online research, and which I think that any first-time traveler will benefit from, and any veteran would agree with. The least expensive item that I carry in my laptop back has also continuously proved to be the most useful: A simple indoor 2 prong 10ft. extension cord(preferably with multiple outlets for external hard-drives or cell phones)

Although nearly every airport, bus or train station has electrical outlets available- they are almost NEVER conveniently located- and a small extension cord with the right adapter is key for creating your mobile office on the run. 

A word on adapters- if you look on your power supplies, most will already be rated for 100V-240V. This is ideal for traveling, as it means that you will NOT need an expensive CONVERTER, just an adapter, like the one pictured below. These cost only a few dollars, the one pictured below will cover Europe, Eastern Europe, and The FSU(Former Soviet Union)

Live Hard, Work Virtually. 


Last Updated on Tuesday, 12 March 2013 18:10
Safe Surfing at the local Wi-Fi coffeehouse
One of the great delights of the extreme telecommuter is the ability to work from anywhere. Traveling for a month? No problem. Just plug into your hotel's Wi-Fi, or go down to your local coffeeshop and use theirs. You can spend a couple hours guzzling cappuccino, people-watching, and working on that proposal that's due tomorrow.

The only problem with that scenario, as trendy as it sounds, is that Wi-Fi was never built for security. Chances are, most people in the coffeehouse are there for the same reason you are, but there is nonetheless a risk—and you should adhere to the basic IT security premise of "trust no one".
The Extreme Telecommuter goes to Costa Rica!

The Extreme Telecommuter will be in Costa Rica later this month for an extended working session while surfing and touring the country. During this trip, we will be logging our journey and writing product and location reviews. 


Look for updates as the end of the month nears. Pura vida!

Go ahead, outsource yourself

As a result of technological advancements, a new breed of worker is emerging. This new species, caffeine enriched and tech savvy, has come to embrace a familiar work environment. As a new, popular trend, more and more white-collar employees are engaging in home-based telecommuting. Telecommuting offers some serious benefits including saving money on office related expenses, being great for the environment, and it reduces our dependence on foreign, fossil fuels.

Chances are that if you’re reading this, I don’t need to spend a lot of time convincing you of the benefits of telecommuting.

Above all else, keep your eye on the laptop

As obvious as it might seem, physical security is the most neglected cornerstone in IT security. As a Network Security Consultant, I am constantly reminding my clients that the Antivirus Software and the fancy, expensive new Firewall that was installed last month means exacly goose eggs if someone walks in and jacks your server(s).

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