Working Nomad
Streamlining Your Telecommuting Processes


When extreme telecommuting, a working professional has full control over operating methods, allowing for customization of all working procedures. Compared to the well-established and rarely changing procedures within a corporate office, an Extreme Telecommuter is free to make his or her business as efficient as possible.  A wise professional will recognize this, and will use the newest technologies, programs, services, and processes, to keep maintenance tasks and business management to a minimum, while maximizing time spent on the more important, valuable activities.


Efficiency as a Process and the Value of Efficiency

The process of working more efficiently is a continued process of rigorous introspection. By keeping an eye out for common processes which can be automated or improved, it is possible to streamline your work flow. 30-minute chores can become 5-minute processes.   In some cases, multiple processes can be eliminated altogether in favor of a solution which reduces process waste. 


In the long run, a more efficient business means hundreds of extra hours per year. This produces a more stress-free work experience, and allows for more time focusing on more fruitful activities which allow a professional to keep their business moving forward.  Think of it this way - accomplishing something in five hours instead of ten doubles the value of your time. This ultimately equates into more leisure time, or providing a higher quality finished product by spending another hour or two on the services or products which you provide to your customers and clients.  In the end, having a more efficient business means being able to provide a finer quality finished product for less effort. The end result is satisfied clients and more money in your pocket.


The Specifics – Ways to Streamline


Go 100% Digital

One of the hallmarks of an extremely efficient Extreme telecommuting business is 100% digital-based management.  Having digital records and managing your business on your laptop can be extremely efficient.  That being said, having the right digital setup can make or break an Extreme telecommuting business. It is well worth taking plenty of time to wisely choose the best programs, backup methods, and other assets for your unique profession and work methods.

Eliminate Antiquated Procedures

In an office environment, there are oftentimes set procedures for tasks, which must always be followed. This can make a working professional forget after a time that there are innumerable ways to accomplish any task.  As an Extreme Telecommuter, you have much greater control over your work processes.  Ask yourself, “Is there a better, more efficient way to accomplish this work process?”, and you may end up finding a fresh new approach to common daily tasks. This results in improved working procedures, with greater quality of life and professional satisfaction as the payoff.

After a Change, Overhaul Related Procedures

Change one thing, and it could make room for improvement elsewhere.  Integrating new technologies or programs, or developing a new way of approaching one process oftentimes means that related processes could use an overhaul of their own.  If you change one thing, it is worthwhile to examine what this change means for related processes - there may be room for improvements in these areas because of the previous adjustment.

Reduce Repetition

For any work process which is repetitious, minimizing it's time requirements will result in large time gains.  Do you regularly send out emails to clients or coworkers on a specific topic?  With email templates, and the use of fields, it is possible to send out a personalized letter in 2 minutes, instead of taking 10-15 minutes to write the email each time.  Are there spreadsheets, or word files which you use on a regular basis?  Save a partially completed copy of these files, with the information which is always included already filled in – Use this document as the initial template for your work. If there are three unique common ways of completing the document, save a template document for each one.  This means time saved, whenever you work with those documents.

Streamline Regularly Occurring Processes

Is there a recurring series of tasks which you must complete on a regular basis?  You can arrange your computer files in a way which mirrors this series, allowing for an easier-to-manage work process.  For instance, create a spreadsheet with a list of Hyperlinks to each of the documents in your regular series of tasks.  When you begin on these regular tasks, you can easily access everything from one central document.  In case you are sidetracked, have 'Monday-Friday' columns in the spreadsheet, and mark off the tasks as you complete them. Clear the columns at the end of the week. This means less time spent trying to remember where you are in the process, and a happier experience along the way.

Use Specialized Software

Many common tasks can be automated through the use of specialized software.  The right software suite can mean invoicing a client, updating a project, and updating project tracking, all with a few simple keystrokes.  Doing these separately would take more time, with increased potential for error and incongruence along the way.  It is worthwhile to spend a few hours researching which software packages are being released.  Read user reviews and product descriptions, to find the best piece of software for your needs.  In the long run it could mean a much more efficient operation.

Efficiency Means a Higher Quality Professional Lifestyle

Ultimately, efficiency means increased income potential, increased potential for free time, and a more actualized ability to provide finer quality products and services to your clients.  In short, it means a higher quality of life as a working professional.  Spending a few hours per week improving processes can mean gaining hundreds of work hours per year, which can be used intelligently to improve your work life, or to allow for more free time.  In the end, efficiency is one of the cornerstones of any successful business. 

As an Extreme Telecommuter, you have total control over our own work processes. With a concerted effort, any telecommuting operation can become quite an efficient and tightly run outfit, allowing for the more enjoyable lifestyle which any nomad dreams of attaining.  In the end, streamlining your business pays off in spades.