Working Nomad
Go ahead, outsource yourself

As a result of technological advancements, a new breed of worker is emerging. This new species, caffeine enriched and tech savvy, has come to embrace a familiar work environment. As a new, popular trend, more and more white-collar employees are engaging in home-based telecommuting. Telecommuting offers some serious benefits including saving money on office related expenses, being great for the environment, and it reduces our dependence on foreign, fossil fuels.

Chances are that if you’re reading this, I don’t need to spend a lot of time convincing you of the benefits of telecommuting.

If you want more information on the subject, check this out.Now, case in point - You work for a large company in a large city. You’ve convinced your boss that to let you work from home where you pay a large premium to be close to work. You move a desk into the spare bedroom, you’ve got your conference enabled phone on tap, you’re leaning back with your feet up admiring your superhero pajama pants when it hits you - this is so much fun, why do it from here?

If you move to a small city and insert yourself into the local economy, you will see a pretty decent benefit. You’ll have lowered your cost of living a little, while retaining your earnings. While this is enticing, why not go for broke? What if you could enjoy the best of both worlds - live wherever you want, and get paid like you’re in a big, U.S. city?

As the world continues in the Internet Era, technology is increasingly available. With this to look forward to, I want to invite you to open your mind and think outside of the box. Home-based telecommuting is a departure from the norm because you are now working from home. What if now, just for kicks, we changed the other variable? Where would you really like to live? Canada? Italy? New Zealand?

Welcome to Extreme Telecommuting.