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Online Scheduling Services to Simplify your Escape

It's 3:00am in Paradise, Anywhere. You are getting your beauty sleep before a long day of doing whatever the heck you want- when the phone rings.

phone in bed

You: (groggy)"Hello?"

Intruder: "Oh- Hi! This is <
your co-worker>. I am not sure what time it is over there.... but I really need your help because my computer won't turn on.... Oh nevermind- just figured it out. There's a big power button right on the front. Who knew? Thanks anyways!"

Dont mention it. It is not like I was sleeping or anything- and besides- the whole reason I moved half way across the world was to take phone calls that could have been resolved in 10 more seconds of dedicated thought or atleast condensed into a lame email. I would like to propose one solution that has made a huge effect in my telecommuting...


Online scheduler

Online Schedulers. The one that I use and that I would recommend is called Timedriver and comes with a free, no obligation(meaning no credit card), 90 day trial. And after that it is only $29.95 per YEAR. If you work like I do and continually get support calls 10 time zones away- this can save you LOTS of time and voice mails.

Online scheduler for telecommuting blissWith Timedriver, you send a link to your client/coworker, and they can schedule predetermined times that you are available(mind the timezones!) and your client/coworker will get to choose one of them, upon which timedriver will send you an email confirmation and automatically add the appointment to your calendar. Now you can rest easy and get back to living your life the way it was meant to be lived. Check it out at




Live Hard, Work Virtually.