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US to EU Power adapter

As a recent convert to telecommuting, I wanted to share a small bit of wisdom that I gleaned from some online research, and which I think that any first-time traveler will benefit from, and any veteran would agree with. The least expensive item that I carry in my laptop back has also continuously proved to be the most useful: A simple indoor 2 prong 10ft. extension cord(preferably with multiple outlets for external hard-drives or cell phones)

Although nearly every airport, bus or train station has electrical outlets available- they are almost NEVER conveniently located- and a small extension cord with the right adapter is key for creating your mobile office on the run. 

A word on adapters- if you look on your power supplies, most will already be rated for 100V-240V. This is ideal for traveling, as it means that you will NOT need an expensive CONVERTER, just an adapter, like the one pictured below. These cost only a few dollars, the one pictured below will cover Europe, Eastern Europe, and The FSU(Former Soviet Union)

Live Hard, Work Virtually.